Mörder&Putzig - Tom Prade & Oliver Mochmann

SA 25 Feb 2017 21:00 Wien Casablanca
SA 04 Mar 2017 19:30 Hennersdorf Wiesmeyer
TH 16 Mar 2017 23:30 Wien Casablanca
SA 25 Mar 2017 23:30 Wien Casablanca
FR 31 Mar 2017 21:00 St.Veit a.d.Gölsen Highlander
SA 01 Apr 2017 Villach Honky Tonk Festival
SA 20 May 2017 Weiz Honky Tonk Festival

Some gigs are arranged and listed at short notice. So please check back from time to time!

Video Selfies

  • Land in Sicht Video Screenshot

    Land In Sicht

  • Strapfeludel Video Screenshot


  • Betriebsschluss Video Screenshot


  • Lass Es Rein Video Screenshot

    Lass Es Rein

  • Lauf Video Screenshot


  • Tag Mit Dir Video Screenshot

    Tag Mit Dir

  • 1x Plejaden Und Retour Video Screenshot

    1x Plejaden Und Retour

  • Lauf Video Screenshot

    Captain_Future (Cover)

  • Lauf Video Screenshot

    Fireflies (Cover)

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Study guitar with Oliver

I'm happy to be part of the teaching staff at the JAM MUSIC LAB - Conservatory for Jazz and Popular Music Vienna. In january 2017 the institute received accreditation as private university JAM MUSIC LAB - University for Jazz and Popular Music Vienna!

The current diploma studies at JAM MUSIC LAB form a creditable qualification for planned BACHERLOR or MASTER studies at the JAM MUSIC LAB private university starting from winter semester 2017!

The latest possible entry exams for the start of a diploma study in the currently starting summer semester 2017 at the JAM MUSIC LAB will be held shortly:

Feb 24th 2017
Mar 3rd 2017

My web project is all about chords: interactive fretboard diagrams, theory lessons on chord types and chord progressions, quizzes, chord finder and analyzer (chord namer) and more.

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