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Mörder & Putzig

[engl. "Killer & Cute"]

Tom Prade - vocals, guitar
Oliver Mochmann - guitar, flute, vocals

From ABBA to Kings Of Leon,
from More Than Words to Gangstas Paradise,
von Old School Rock to Teenie Pop,
from the 70ties and 80ties until nowadays...

Tom Prade

Tom is a young singer with a great voice you may recognize immediately after you've heard it once. His rhythm guitar playing (he currently studies guitar at JAM MUSIC LAB) provides a great fundament for an orchestral duo sound and my soloistic journeys.

The music

We love to do songs that you wouldn't expect from a guitar duoand are challenging (and not played up and down by every second guitar duo). So who is doing songs like Conga by Gloria Estefan (Miami Sound Machine) or Ghostbusters in a two guitar line-up? We have a lot of fun by doing it! Of course some of the classics must remain on the list as well - Hotel California with a several minutes guitar solo or More Than Word to play directly into your hearts...

The name

No, we are not violent! Very often i use the word "mörder" (engl. "killer") for anything that I find awesome, while "putzig" means "absolutely cute" ...and I also say it pretty often. So our name consists of two positive(!) adjectives.

Double names always sound very weighty and promising in my ears, because they want to tell us: hey, everyone of us is so famous that he could fill a concert hall by himself alone... so Mörder & Putzig is also a persiflage on those double names.

M & P are even our real initials. But please don't connect "mörder" to Mochmann and "putzig" to Prade. The words do not stand for our names ;-)

Mörder & Putzig is contrary and stands for a wide gamut of musical emotions from wild and energetic to soft and heart-warming.

So Mörder & Putzig is personal, emotional, a play on words, it's abstract, satire, contrary ...and if somebody still finds the name aweful, than it's even controversial. If this is not art..!!!

...now if Mörder & Putzig proves itself as a name that people can remember easily, nothing can prevent our project from becoming a "mörder" success...

Leider ist der Ton hier recht verzerrt. Die Speicherkarte meines Audiorecorders war voll und so hatte ich nur den Ton des Kameramikrofons, das die Lautstärke neben den Boxen nicht ganz verkraftet hat...



TU 23 Oct 2018 9PM Wien Casablanca

Mörder&Putzig feat. Nina Schwarzott

TH 25 Oct 2018 8PM Oberndorf HonkyTonk Festival

Some gigs are arranged and listed at short notice. So please check back from time to time!

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